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Engineering Consultant, Speaker, Author, and Mentor, Billye was raised in Seattle, Washington's Central District. Displaying her ambitious nature, Billye created her first money making machine, a strawberry dispenser, at just 8 years old. By the time she was 15, she had found inspiration in her mother's ability to work multiple jobs and left home to live on her own. This would lead her to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia after her high school graduation.

On a mission to improve her life, Billye began working in the real estate industry which allowed her to eventually buy her own condo at just 21. After the market crashed, however, Billye once again found work in odd jobs before gaining a position in a mail room with a network engineering company. While with this company, she bounced around in different positions, developing her skills and increasing her experience. With a growing set of professional attributes, she took on the responsibility of a networking project, and not long after, realized her true passion.

Not only did engineering provide an income that would allow Billye to comfortably care for her family, but it also allowed her to make use of her creative and innovative nature. Preparing for this role, she worked tirelessly, and was able to earn a Cisco certification. This achievement made it possible for Billye to also earn a position programming PBX phone systems, before going on to work in a network operations center at a Fortune 500 company.

Because of her dedication and passion to the field of engineering, Billye now serves as an Engineering Consultant and Speaker for numerous schools and organizations, as they seek ways of how to make a positive impact while also increasing their revenues. Along with this, as a Mentor, she creates workshops for local schools and has started her own educational company, STEM to Greatness. Here, it is her mission to help students develop their interest and hone their talents in science, technology, engineering, and math. Utilizing her half a decade of experience in these fields, Billye recently published Bella dear The Engineer, a children's book designed for STEM students, and is also finishing up her next book which will be released this coming winter.


Engineer, Author & STEM Educator


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