Why is STEM Important?

STEM (an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), is a term used commonly in the education system, not only to kids in the classroom, but to everyone involved. It is important for you to have a good understanding of STEM education so that you can have the capacity to make the right decision for your child’s education.

STEM was birthed out of a need for innovation in the industry as it was discovered that there were very few key people who had the expertise to handle high-tech jobs. It is basically a multidisciplinary approach to learning where students are taught science, technology, engineering and mathematical skills and how to incorporate this knowledge to solve real world problems.

There is a shortage for STEM jobs everywhere, not because there are not many jobs, but because there are very few people to fill the gaps. In the nearest future, we will need a lot of experts in various professions who understand STEM skills.

Right now, we also notice that many students aren’t taking elective or advanced courses that will increase their chances of working in a STEM related field. There are numerous jobs that require the understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; but unfortunately, there are very few people who are either willing or qualified enough to fill the spaces.

We need Innovators

Since any economy in the world is driven by production, we need more STEM experts who are able to cure diseases and create engineers who are capable of boosting production and thus the economy. We also need mathematical geniuses who can protect data. To this end, companies all over the world are now investing massively in STEM education programs all around the world to produce the next generation of innovators.

Also, the gender disparity is not an issue anymore as there are now numerous STEM education opportunities for minorities and girls. Again, this is very important as women constitute a large part of the workforce. This means they are a major contributor to the economy and it will be much more favorable to us if they are empowered with soft STEM skills that help boost production.

Soft skills are needed for the propagation of any career your child wishes to pursue in the future and mastering STEM skills will help put your kids on a better platform to achieve those dreams they have in their hearts. STEM skills also help breed child leaders.

More than anything, you would agree that our children deserve the right to become leaders and the confidence and knowledge acquired from learning soft STEM skills give them the right to do so far easier than it would have been before using other conventional methods.

Investing in STEM skills is the future. It is critically important for the growth of our children and eventually, the economy.

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