How to get kids interested in STEM


Early Development

Begin early by placing your child in a STEM program from an early age, when their identities are being formed. And in a program and surrounding they feel comfortable in. 

Learn with your children. We as parents must also continue to be supportive throughout the STEM program and process. It is important to time to teach ourselves what our children are learning in these programs.

Hands on STEM

One of the best ways to teach children is by engaging in hands on activities where they are actually doing the work of scientists and engineers. Allow them to see real professionals that look like them. This shows them they can do it and STEM becomes more realistic and attractive.
For some children and adults it is unclear of exactly what engineers do. And if children have a skewed view of what we do and what it takes to become an engineer then it becomes hard for us expect them to consider a career in STEM.

STEM’s message

Change the message of STEM and make it more relatable. Let kids know that they do not have to be great at math to become an engineer or technologist. STEM skills are learned just like any other discipline.
Today's savvy children want to feel as though they are making a difference in the world. Therefore, the message to them should include core values. By saying things like, engineers make a difference in this world and are vital to the health and safety of all of us; engineers help to shape our future.


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