Keeping Your Kids Safe On The Internet

More and more, our children look to devices for all their entertainment. Gone are the days when all the neighborhood kids would go outside and play for hours on end, and gone are the days when you could peek outside your window to check on your little ones. The internet, an anonymous world, has changed everything. There are, of course, software programs that you can use to restrict your child’s internet access, but they may not always be enough. Follow these steps to safeguard your children further!


1. Talk to your kids about their internet habits. Check out their favorite websites and apps yourself.

2. Only permit internet usage in an open family area so that you can check in on your children.

3. Take more control of your children’s devices, checking out any apps they want to use.

4. Check out their phone messages, internet history, phone calls, and messages at random. Your phone bill displays some of this information.

5. Teach your kids to be aware of the information and photos they post online. This stuff could come back to them later when they are applying to colleges and jobs!

It is not easy to keep our children safe on the internet, but it is possible. Following these steps, you can put your mind at ease, knowing that you have done everything in your power to optimize and secure your children’s online experiences.

Billye BComment