Gaining experience in the field of tech isn’t as difficult as it used to be. With lots of paid and free resources flying around, it’s easier to be a guru in tech, if that’s what you truly want.

Even at that, there are still some shortcuts you need to know to make it easier to get experience in the tech field.

Learn from Online Classes

One of the easiest ways to gain experience in the tech field is learning from a good online program. Programs like Udemy, CBT nuggets, Code Academy and Skillshare are all wonderful online program you can learn from. However, it is advisable you pick just one of them and follow through with it till the end. Also, take notes and take time to learn your new skill.

Use YouTube Videos for quick tips

YouTube videos are good as a go-to for quick tips and to refresh what you’ve learned in your online class. Spend some time here and take in a lot of information and different sides to a topic.

Read a lot of books

Books help provide you a great deal of information and they are also very handy. Ensure you read reviews on Amazon to get the best books. You can get good tech books in second hand stores at a lower rate.

Practice with good hardware and software

It is important you take out sometime on your own to work practically with good hardware and software. Find good hardware on Craigslist and eBay and free software online. Getting good hands-on practice could turn out to be your best investment on the long run.

Work on your strengths and weaknesses

Make a list of all the things you are good and not so good at in technology specifically. Work to get better at what you already know and go all in learning what isn’t so familiar to you. Perfect your strength and use that to market yourself as an expert.

Change your mindset

Before you can be an expert, you must dress, talk and act like an expert. Change your perception of yourself and own the mind of an expert. This will help you transition smoothly into the business and allow you to belong.

Use LinkedIn

Ensure you utilize the strength of the free and powerful social network, LinkedIn. Post as frequently as you can and reestablish contacts with people as often as possible. What this does is get you recognition from prospective employers as LinkedIn is the favoured social media app for professionals.

Surround yourself with professionals

As much as possible, surround yourself with tech and tech professionals. Get in good inner circles of experienced and aspiring guys in the field like you. The best way to get experience in the field is to eat, breathe and live tech.


Hopefully, this post was helpful enough to catapult you from your prior status to at least being informed of the various shortcuts you can take to the top of your career. These tips will work for you if you follow them and use them with consistency.

Good luck out there!

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