Tech Career Guide

Tech Career Guide

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Get the tech career of your dreams!


Do you want a fulfilling career in tech? The tips in this book will help you, showing you how to:


* Put together a brand profile that will attract recruiters’ attention for the right reasons.

* Write your resume in a way that is powerful and that gets you interviews.

* Polish your LinkedIn profile to make full use of the platform.

* Optimize your interactions within networks and with influencers.

* Prepare for both in-person and phone interviews so that you can speak confidently.

* Negotiate your salary and handle money conversations to get your real worth.

* Go into interviews relaxed and aware of the questions you will have to answer.

* Navigate the job search process efficiently so that you can find a job to match your passion skills, and experience.


Featuring clear, actionable steps, this book will enable you to make your tech industry (or any other industry!) dreams come true. You will finally know how to build your brand, level up your resume, take advantage of LinkedIn, network effectively, and prepare for interviews – the right way. Without this book, you are likely not doing everything that you can do to create opportunities for yourself and follow up on the opportunities that are already available to you. Buy now, read on, and start learning today!