STEM to Greatness LLC provides an opportunity for children to develop technical skills, build self-confidence and drive innovation in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.

STEM Education provides valuable skills including confidence and an ability to analyze and conclude with results.

Early childhood is the natural starting point for STEM learning, as young children are curious about what to explore.

We encourage youth to think critical about the world around them.



Bella dear The Engineer is a story which turns out to be more than just a book, it is an experience.

Grab your copy today and let innovation be the winner!

Bella dear The Engineer

Bella dear The Engineer is an engaging, and educational storybook that aims to get children excited about STEM, a book your children will want to read again and again. 

Follow the story of a smart young girl named Bella as she uses her imagination and knowledge in an uplifting story that will inspire, motivate, and encourage your children to be courageous and brave!


Not every book sets out to open their eyes to engineering like the author Billye B. does. And the brilliance of her art is that the book does not set out to overload little children with information. Instead Bella dear The Engineer tells a story about a five-girl-old girl with a powerful mind, an active imagination and a relatable personality. Bella will captivate children and in return, children will love her and learn, through her, about engineering and useful technology terms on which their future in STEM careers can be built. She will motivate budding learners and make engineers out of little dreamers.


Our Programs

STEM to Greatness workshops are designed to inspire seeds of creativity and leadership.

We don't only want children to be users, we want to cultivate the next generation of tech innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to equip youth with in demand technical skills to help them learn personal and professional development to obtain a highly skilled careers.


Located in Metro Atlanta, GA

our in-class workshops are great for:

  • Elementary Schools

  • Day Care Centers

  • Libraries

  • Summer Camps

  • YMCAs

the stem to greatness workshops:

  • Are approximately 60 minutes in time length

  • Are held at the destination of your choice (church, school, etc.)

  • Are interactive and engaging

  • Are held 1 weekday, Saturday and Sunday





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Our Mission

We aim to revolutionize STEM education through our innovative outreach programs. We are focused on simplifying technology terms so they are easier for children to digest.

STEM to Greatness supports children’s needs so that they may realize their potential because children with big dreams believe they have a big voice.

Our students walk into a vibrant atmosphere that engages both their attention and captivates their learning necessities. Students learn how to become well-rounded individuals who, upon graduation, have endless opportunities thanks in part to the 21st-century innovative skills learned in our program. 

We offer in and out of school solutions to train students in STEM education from an early age. Students leave with an understanding that STEM is an integral part of the world in which we live and that they can be a part of changing the world.


We Believe

"We must invest in our children now and encourage their innovation because technology is changing rapidly"

— E. Moore, Impact Volunteer



Do you want a fulfilling career in tech?

Get the tech career of your dreams!

 * Put together a brand profile that will attract recruiters’ attention for the right reasons.

* Write your resume in a way that is powerful and that gets you interviews.

* Polish your LinkedIn profile to make full use of the platform.

* Optimize your interactions within networks and with influencers.

* Prepare for both in-person and phone interviews so that you can speak confidently.

* Negotiate your salary and handle money conversations to get your real worth.

* Go into interviews relaxed and aware of the questions you will have to answer.

* Navigate the job search process efficiently so that you can find a job to match your passion skills, and experience.

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